Bring that basket full of dirty laundry to us,  and tell us how you like your laundry done (what you want folded, what we should hang, and special instructions, etc). Come back 4 to 6 hours later and pick up your clean, fresh, professionally folded or hung laundry, done the way you like it! We even sort your items by type before they are wrapped so everything makes it back to your closet neatly, ready for you to wear! Then, go out and enjoy your day.



Laundry services are priced by the pound:
Laundry - $1.50 per pound.

Comforters are by the Unit:
Comforter - $15
Extra-Large - Add $3
Down Stuffing - Add $5
Add-On 2nd Comforter - Add $9

Tableclothes and Sheet Flatwork Ironing/Pressing:
$1.50 per pound
(some specialty items are different - we will let you know if this applies)

Commercial Laundry, Restaurant Towels & Linens: 
Typical pricing is $1.50 per pound. 
We can supply towels, aprons, etc. - You will LOVE IT!
(More info in the Commercial Section)

Drop off at any of our three stores, or
Schedule a pickup!