1.How is my laundry cared for?
All orders are sorted by colors and types, spot treated, washed in the correct temperature, dried and professionally hung or folded, per your instructions and your garment’s care label.
Your clothes are NOT mixed with anyone else’s.
We remove garments promptly from the dryer and lay them out to prevent wrinkles. We wrap folded garments in light plastic to ensure your items are still neatly folded when they get to your home. We sort the garments by type, so white T-shirts are in one stack, women’s and men’s and children’s are separate, etc.
Hanging garments are placed in a hanging bag, and the bundles of wrapped folded garments are placed into a Laundry World bag.
We use professional high-quality soaps (non-allergenic is available upon request).
COMFORTERS are professionally washed, dried, and placed in vented comforter bags.

2.Is there any extra cost or membership fee?
Nope. You just pay for the laundry by the pound. If you drop off at one of our stores, the minimum is 10 pounds. For pickup and delivery, there is a minimum order of 40 pounds.

The price is $1.08 per pound for clothes, $1.35 per pound for bedding or comforters.

3.Where are my clothes picked up and delivered?
Your clothes are brought to one of these two Laundry World, LLC locations: 2712 Lake St. or 4319 Common St.

4.How do I let Laundry World know that I have an order to pick up?
Simply fill out the “Schedule a Pickup” form on www.laundryworld.net. If you have any questions, call the owner, Paul Pettefer, at 337-794-9891, or call our Lake St. location at 337-474-6751 and ask for Pattie or Julie.

5.Is there a minimum order?
Yes. If you drop off laundry at one of our stores, there is a 10 pound minimum.

If you Schedule a Pickup, there is a 40 pound minimum order.

6.What about comforters or other big linens?
We LOVE caring for your comforters – it’s our specialty. Our large, professional washers and dryers are perfect for caring for your comforters. Attempting to stuff a comforter into a home size washer can damage the comforter (even in some of the larger, front-load home washers).

We’ve washed thousands of comforters. We can’t wait to wash yours.

(Some comforters are specified as dry-clean only from the manufacturer. We will process those through our dry-cleaning plant. The cost for dry cleaning is more, usually at least double, than that for washing.)

7.What do I put my clothes in?
Just put them in a plastic bag, garment carrier, or laundry basket. We’ll provide you with a free Laundry World bag when we deliver your clothes back for you to use next time.

8.Do I have to be there when the pick up and delivery is made?
No. If you will give us specific instructions on where you will leave your laundry (on the back porch, use the gate), our delivery driver will pick up and deliver your laundry without you needing to be there.

9.When will my clothes be picked up and dropped off?
Our drivers have specific route days throughout the week. When you fill out the “Schedule a Pickup” form on www.laundryworld.net, we’ll contact you to set up your first pickup. We can set you up on a specific weekly schedule as well.

10.What about Holidays?
Laundry World is closed on Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and we have limited hours on some other holidays. Unless there is a hurricane, we’re open during the week.

11.What do I do with all my extra hangers?
We would love to reuse your hangers, if you want. Just put your hangers in a bag when we make our next pickup, or bring them to the store when you come by.

12.What do I do about a special request?
We would love to do your clothes just the way you like them. Leave us a note with your clothes that explains your special request.

For Example: Hang this, fold that, hang dry this shirt, separate out boys and girls clothes. Or, let us know of the items that you know need spot treatment (put them in a separate marked bag, if you like).

13.What do I do if I have a problem when I get my clothes back?
We’re super confident you will have zero such problems, but if you do, we stand behind everything we do. If something doesn’t make it back to you, let us know immediately, and we’ll find your garment or make it right.

14.Do you do alterations?
We do have arrangements with an alteration service for basic repairs or alterations. Leave us specific instructions. Alterations will delay return of your garment from the regular schedule and do have additional charges.

15.How do I pay for the service?
We take cash and credit cards. If it is a pickup and delivery order, we will call you when we have your order in the store and collect your credit card information over the phone.

16.How do you keep my credit card information safe?
We have an encrypted system for processing credit cards, and we only retain your credit card information for future transactions if you instruct us to do so. Our Point of Sale Computer system is directly integrated with the credit card processing, to keep your information safe.

17.How do I sign up?
Fill out the “Schedule a Pickup” form on www.laundryworld.net. Then start enjoying the time you no longer have to spend doing laundry.

18.Will my items be spot treated?
Yes. We look through your entire order to identify items that need spot treatment before they are washed.

19.What temperature water does Laundry World use?
We wash clothes according to the garment care instructions on the garment. For garments, like whites that call for hot water, our water temperature is 120 degrees.

20.Will my clothes be washed with someone else’s clothes?
Never. Your clothes are only washed with your clothes, never someone else’s.

21.How can I know that my clothes will stay together AND not be wrinkled?
Only a few things can ever be absolutely assured, such as death and taxes, but here is how we keep your clothes together: we attach your clothes’ invoice to the bag of clothes and to every washer or dryer that your clothes enter into. Where your clothes are, your invoice number goes.

What we do to rid the world of wrinkles is fold or hang things directly out of the warm dryer. It’s just our little part of making your world a bit more wonderful.

22.How will my complete & clean order be sorted?
We sort the folded clothes by our best estimate of the person wearing the clothes, then by the type of clothes. If it’s just one person, then we separate out the white tee shirts from the other tee shirts, for example. If it’s obvious that there are man’s, woman’s, and daughter’s clothes, then we fold and sort the clothes in those three groups. We might not get it perfect on the first try, but we get there pretty quickly (according to our regular customers).

23.When will my order be ready?
For orders dropped off at one of our stores, it takes 3-6 hours. When you drop it off, our Customer Service Associate will give you a specific time.

For delivery orders, we will set up a delivery schedule with you, which is generally 2-3 days after pickup.

24.What products does Laundry World use?
We use professional laundry cleaning chemicals specifically designed for our washers to provide the best care for your garments!

25.Can I supply my own laundry products?
Yes. If you have a strong preference or sensitivity, we will be happy to use laundry chemicals that you supply. Just let us know. We also stock All: Clear as a dye and fragrance free, hypo-allergenic laundry soap.

26.This is way too complicated still! Can’t someone just pick it all up, take care of it, and deliver it back to my front door?!
Yes!!! “Schedule a Pickup” today!